Education Startup Declara Secures $9M to Expand into Asia.


Education Startup Declara Secures $9M to Expand into Asia.

Education tech startup Declara has recently managed to raise a total of $9 million in financial funding, the company announced this as of recently.


This recently gained capital is actually an extension of the $16 million round Declara had initially manage to raise back during this past April, the total amount of $25 million.

This particular startup offers its clients, which mainly consist of teachers, education administrators,etc, a social network whose main focus is on helping people learn by personalizing the educational experience of each person within the organization. In order to pull this off, they combine semantic search, predictive analytics and machine learning to pull up the correct piece of content and at the right time for user, and it does it in a manner that isn’t restricted on spending a few hours inside the classroom.

Declara has elaborated that its plans to use this recent funding to expand its distribution of its own technology towards the Asia region and continue to further develop its technology. The additional funding was led by Sinapore’s EDBI and Linden Venture Fund.


Declara itself has been growing fast, too. The startup now employs 81 full-time people and has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Palo Alto. The new funding, says Pierson, will help fuel its effort to expand in Asia–starting in Singapore–and in the United States.

Initially founded during 2012, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup’s technology is currently being used by teachers and education administrators in Australia, Chile, and Mexico and soon to be Singapore with this recent expansion into the Asia regions.

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