Edsys Releases School Work Force Management System.


Edsys Releases School Work Force Management System.

Edsys, one of the premier Education systems solutions providers in the country, has introduced School Work Force management system, which aims at helping school managements to manage their work force easily. It incorporates several modules specialized for separate activities. The company expects this system to decrease the burden on school management by managing attendance, productivity, payroll, and leaves.

“This system was envisioned because a lot of schools are still struggling to keep track of different aspects of school management. There are people who fight over their monthly salaries, attendance records, et al” said an Edsys spokesperson. He further added “With this software we aim to make the whole school workforce management an easier process that moves on like a clock that continuously ticks. It will help the school management to concentrate on their main concern – education of their students.”


So, what does this product actually do? Well, there are two parts to this system – A hardware part that uses a bio-metric system for tracking attendance, and a software part, which can be accessed by the school staff, admin, and the school management. These combine to manage:

Productivity – Once school staff has logged in to this project management software, there is an option called Timesheet that will allow them to enter different activities performed during a day along with the duration. All the entered data can be viewed in a section called “My Diary”. The data gets accumulated over time and viewed per day, per week or per month. This performance management system is very useful during appraisal time for staff as well as for the school management.

Attendance – Every staff needs to login to the system in the morning when they reach the school. They can either use the bio-metric system or login using the web interface. Similarly, they need to log out when they leave the school. The login and log out data will be stored in the attendance management system. It can be viewed by staff from their account, as well as the admin or the school management. This data can be viewed per week or per month, allowing the admin to easily collect the data of all staff members while calculating salary or for any other purpose.

Leaves – Taking and keeping track of leaves become very easy with the Work Force Management System. The staff, the management and the admin will be able to see how many leaves are left for an individual, if there is any loss of pay, the type of leave taken, the status of application – whether leaves have been approved or not, and more.

Payroll – The admin will be able to calculate payroll using all the data collected in the payroll management system. Salary slips can be generated digitally for convenience. Users can also view details of salary on a monthly basis.


The web portal can have 3 different types of users – the staff, who can enter and view all details on their own profile, the admin – who can view and edit information about all the staff, and a super admin, who can access the settings at the back end.

The benefits of using project management tools include

  • Ensuring productivity
  • Making performance evaluations smoother and easier
  • Enhancing school management

Edsys has numerous Education Software solutions that help schools to make everyday management easier. Among these, the major ones include a school app for mobile devices, a parent portal, GPS school bus tracking, timetable management system and more, which can contribute to an efficient school management system.

There are a number of leading schools in India and UAE who are currently using this system.

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