Editing Startup WritePath Raises $525,000 in Financial Funding.


Editing Startup WritePath Raises $525,000 in Financial Funding.

An editing company that serves college applicants, technical writers, and academic researchers, WritePath, has recently announced that it has manage to raise a total of $525,000 in financial funding led by B Dash Ventures.



This Singapore-based starutp shall use their recent funding to set up offices in Japan, Korea, and the U.S. WritePath operates under three online editing service named Topadmit.com, Topsciedit.com, and Bizeditors.com that each serve different verticals.

Other investors during this funding round included Pinhurst Advisors, Jamie Link of AppWorks, Jackie Chang, chairman of GogoLook, and Bernard Chan, former entrepreneur-in-residence at TMI Ventures, and founder of AlphaCamp.

Writepath states that its aiming to become “the world’s premier vertically integrated editing and translation service provider” and it currently receives most of its orders from China, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the Ukraine.

Business Model.

Initially founded during 2009, Topadmit.com serves students who are working on their college admission essays. The startup states that between 2013-2014 admission cycle, it received orders from a total of 22 countries and a growth over 50%. The founder said this during an interview with TechCrunch, adding that TopAdmit’s mian competitors are Peterson’s EssayEdge.


That company is much more “Very U.S. and English-centric,” commented Chin.

“TopAdmit, on the other hand, wants to serve students globally and have through these years gathered in-depth understanding of non-U.S. clients. TopAdmit provides a multiple-language interface and customer service support, with focus in the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese markets. These are in reality the fastest growing markets, with 20% annual growth.”

Topsciedit.com is targeted more towards academics, in particular sceintific and medical researchers, and uses the very same technology platform and business model as TopAdmit. Chin said that it has worked with more than 300 researchers and doctors and also signed a long-term contract with various research institutes.

In this particular vertical, “there is no clear industry leader, but only mom and pop shops,” says Chin. “We differentiate from them by speed and pricing.”

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