Easyvan Allows Singaporeans To Move Physical Items With The use of Their App.


Easyvan Allows Singaporeans To Move Physical Items With The use of Their App.

Mobile user living in Singapore will now have the option of using Easyvan, a Hong Kong-based delivery matching mobile platform, to move physical goods from one location towards another.

Co-founder and Director of Easycan, Gary Hui, stated that the Android version is currently available for download, and the iOS shall come out sometime soon.


At the current moment, user can punch in their location, destination, the weight of the physical goods, and other information through the application. Drivers that are in range of the users vicinity can then bid for the job in first-come-first-serve basis. After the item has been delivered, user and drivers will be able to rate each other through the same application.

Having originally arrived in Singapore over two and and a half months ago, he stated that there are quite a number of differences between his own him country of Hong Kong and the city-state.


According to Gary, one of the most important differences that should be pointed out is the cost factor when it comes to hiring a vehicle to transport the goods. In Hong Kong, he stated, people are able to hire the entire cargo tank of a van for less then S$8 (US$6.40), which would include loading and unloading services. For Singapore, the same service can cost up towards S$38 (US$30.39).


Another key differences is that Singapore, unlike that of Hong Kong, user of EasyVan are not allowed to be in the same vehicles as their items when the goods are being transported.

“In Singapore, you have to be very compliant with local regulations,” he said, adding that he has met up with the relevant authorities in the city-state to gather a better understanding of the transport scene. “In Singapore, we have to be a lot more careful.”

Furthermore, Easycan appears to be rather stringent about verifying drivers. While registering, drivers are required to upload three items: a photo of themselves in the vehicle, a photo of their driving license, and a photo of their license plate.

“They would definitely act a lot more responsibly than a lot of the other outsourced drivers,” said Hui, who further explained that having such privy information can deter drivers from disappearing with the goods.

At the moment, there are only five staff members based in Singapore, the firm also has a group of part-times in Singapore and Hong Kong, who conduct offline marketing at industrial areas, car parks and loading bays, where there are more of such van drivers.

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