E-store Developer Globby Launches A Contest for Entrepreneurs.


E-store Developer Globby Launches A Contest for Entrepreneurs.

In an effort to invigorate entrepreneurship and string up awareness for its e-commerce store developer, the one year old Singapore-based Globby has recently launched a business competition for its users.


Public members shall be able to take part in this competition by simply signing up for the platform. The top three contestants who generate the most revenue during the six months beginning May 26, 2014,  shall each be award with a total of S$10,000 (USD$7,954) in financial funding.

Even with the competition launching as of recently, GLobbly is still undergoing some revision for its main website and setting up a dedicated microsite. There have been not details disclosed on when the microsite shall launch, except that “it will be coming up real soon.”

“… Our system is designed to assist businesses in boosting their online presence and supporting their operational dexterity,” said Abel Chua, CEO, Globby.

He further elaborated on  how the platform is complete different from a its rival competitor Shopify, A US-based e-commerce solution, which has previously announced Singaporean telecom conglomerate Singatel as an official reseller during the previous year. He stated:

“Shopify is an e-commerce store builder. Globby’s focus is to help business owners use e-commerce and our cloud-based analytics to grow their loyal customer following and increase brand awareness. Our aim is to help our clients understand their customers better to improve their business at an affordable rate. We want to build up a community so that Globby can be a comprehensive solutions provider for businesses. Be it online shops or brick and mortar stores, we want business owners to be able to reach out to their customers better.”


When it comes down to its community, its quite clear that Shopify has already established a loyal following. The forums on Shopify are flooded with topics and answers ranging from wholesale and drop shipping to APIs. Although, Globby can still make it work if it launches hyperlocal.

With its main base of operations based in Singapore, Globby is able to reach out towards all the local merchants and developers in a effective manner. It’s currently working with retail partners, marketing and inventory management providers, like The Modern Outfitters, Communications and Design, and TradeGecko respectively.

Chua pointed out that the firm has plans to expand towards other markets such as the UK or US to give the users in those locations a betters customer service experience.

During the next coming six months, users will be able look forwards to an integrated mailing system, a POS system and an inbuilt drag-and drop e-commerce store creator.

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