E-commerce Solution Aratana Has Recently Acquired Security Startup Gehirn.


E-commerce Solution Aratana Has Recently Acquired Security Startup Gehirn.

The startup that provides most solution needed to launch an e-commerce site, Aratana, has recently announced that it has managed to successfully acquire security solution startup Gehirn (the word meaning ‘brain’ in German) and logistics company Terminal.


Ever since its initial launching back during 2007, Aratana has been serving a total of 5,000 companies with e-commerce solution such as Caglolab ( customizable e-commerce suite) and Sketch Page (e-commerce site design tool). The company had previously manage to receive a fundraising og 550 million yen (around $5.5 million) from Japan’s Docomo Venures and recruiting company Live Sense during the previous year. Utilizing the funds raised during the time, they took over Japanese Fashion and culture news publishing company Honeyee.com last year.

With this recent acquisition, there main objective is to solidify their edge and provide a more flexible secured platform for their users. Coinciding with the acquisition, Gehirn’s very own CEO Daiki Ishimori joined the board of Aratana Group as CTO and will focus on increasing the skill level of engineers at Aratana as well as managing the security business at Gehirn.


Born during the year of 1990, Ishimori began running his very own server at home when he was attending an elementary school Subsequently he attended a Security Camp training program that wad ran by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, where gained large amounts of knowledge and experience about server security.

During 2008, he moved into the limeliate since he pointed out mistakes made in the hacking scene in Japanese TV drama series Bloody Monday, and was later then hired by Japanese computer security company Cyber Defense Institute at the ripe age of 18. Ever since, he been providing consulting services on the computer security field to governmental institutions and major corporations in Japan, and eventually established his own company Gehirn back during 2010.

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