Duolingo Decides To Further Expand Its Services Into More Asian Countries.


Duolingo Decides To Further Expand Its Services Into More Asian Countries.

After expanding their service with an iOS launching in China and Japan a couple of months ago, free language learning platform Duolingo is forcefully expanding into Asia with the release of both iOS and Android application for Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as the Android version on Japan.

This has lead towards user living in these countries with either iOS or Android devices, will now be able to learn English for free on Duolingo. Previously, Duolingo didn’t support any sore of Asian language at all, so this could lead towards it gaining some traction quickly in the region and adding onto its 30 million plus user globally.


Duolingo has finally been able to launch their service in multiple Asian countries at one go as the courses are being created by the Duolingo community. This stems from a crowdsourcing program the company announce during October of last year, named the Language Incubator, which allows native speakers and language enthusiasts to create courses that an algorithm will subsequently ensure are in line with Duolingo’s standards.

While Duolingo would definitely have to compete with other free English-learning application that users in these countries may be using already, its gamified approach to language-learning gives it an edge in these regions.

During April, Duolingo had also announced that it would be launching their Duolingo Test Center, a $20 standardized language test that user take on a mobile application to certify their English skills. This would mostly appeal towards Asian user who wish to have a metric which they can submit in job applications.

As Duolingo makes their grand movement to acquire more Asian users, it would be quite interesting to see how it would tak off in these regions, and whether it could keep the momentum by launching for even more local languages.

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