DuoLingo Announces Its Upcoming Launch Into Korea Soon.


 DuoLingo Announces Its Upcoming Launch Into Korea Soon.

The free Language study application known as, “DuoLingo” has recently announced that they shall release their service into Korea some time soon, which is exciting for those who wish to learn another language.


DuoLingo offers a free service fo language learning these include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Korean shall be including within six months. Centering on North America, it has manage to gain a total of 25 million subscribers. Apple has been nominated as the best iPhone application of the year last year. Reflecting on its popularity, venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byer invested up to US$20 million to the application during last year.

DuoLingo plans to launch their service sometime next week within Lorea. Co-developer of the application, Luis Von Ahn, stated “We decided to offer our service in Korea. The app will offer a good chance to learn foreign languages for Koreans who are accustomed to mobile devices.”

By utilizing DouLingo, users learn foreign language like playing a mobile game. The application teaches vocabulary and grammer in increase difficult stages, using a blending of audio and visual matching and translation to teach. People who use the application will be able to compare their scores for the exercises, adding an extra dosage of competition into the mix.


When user are not studying under the application for a while, it will send a push alarm for the user to be reminded of the application. Roumen  Vesselinov, a professor at Queens Colleges, the City University of New York, has recently release a study that shows a 34 hours of Spanish study with the application is similar to a semester’s study of a subject at a university.

Even so, its strength lies in its unique revenue model. Unlike other language learning programs, its completely free. There are no ads within the application. Its revenue stems from the cooperation among DuoLingo, partner companies and the users. For instance, a learner translates a news article of CNN, a partner of DuoLingo, for studying English.CNN pats money for the translation to Duolingo which runs the program with the money. Simply enough, Use don’t have to pay.

Von Ahn said, “Everybody regardless of their income level should have an equal opportunity to learn foreign languages.”

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