DragonTrail X, The Glass Chosen to Protect World Cup Players Benches.


DragonTrail X, The Glass Chosen to Protect World Cup Players Benches.

Sometime during this pass January, AGC released their Dragrontrail X, a specialty glass for chemical strengthening used as a cover glass for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Based on its expertise in analyzing glass breakages acquired from several decades of researching, AGC has created an effective glass composition by classifying the causes of glass breakage into a variety of patterns.

“Dragontrail™ X features its unparalleled strength that is achieved by balancing internal stress and a force on the outside, called compression stress (CS). In fact, such a balance hasn’t been achieved in glass until now. This is truly a new concept, giving Dragontrail™ X a new position in the market for cover glass.”


DragontrailX is very skinny, highly transparent and durable. By utilizing these features, it was adopted as one of the main components of 2014 FiFa World Cup Brazil’s Glass Roof for Player Benches. DragonTrail X, with eight Times the Surface strength of Soda-lime glass, has achieved an outstanding impact resistance. A specialty glass for chemical durability featuring world-class endurance, Dragontrail X will protect the players and staffers alike, while they’re sitting on the benches.

“We’re presenting Dragontrail™ X to the business customers in the mobile phone and touch-panel markets in Japan, as well as worldwide. Dragontrail™ has already been adopted as cover glass for most of the major brands. Since its launch at the beginning of this year, Dragontrail™ X has already been favorably received by various electronics manufacturers, and is expected to be marketed in the near future.”

Dragontrail has already being utilized by 316 mobile device models, under 37 brands. With a bright future ahead, AGC will be targeting other industry’s such as automobiles, housing and digital signage.

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