Dots Teams Up WIth Alibaba to Launch Its Mobile Game Into China.


Dots Teams Up WIth Alibaba to Launch Its Mobile Game Into China.

Dots seems to be heading towards the same direction that many Western mobile games by rolling out a localized version of its title for China, although with a twist included. Betaworks, the company who’s behind the creation of this application, has become one of the first non-Chinese companies to have teamed up with Alibaba and released a title on its new mobile games network.

The Game.

For those who may have not be familiar with this, Dot challenges the player to connect the dots of  the same color on a grid. The game makes its revenue through the use of selling special powers as in-app purchases, over five billion games were played in the application during the first year alone.

The Chinese version will be released in Mandarin and feature some famous localized characters, these include a dragonfly, but beside these small changes, the game will still remain the same.

This localized version of Dots shall become available for the China-based users of Alibaba’s Taobao application for the iOS and Android. Its launch has marked it down as the first significant move the this group have done, as its aims to move in on the Tencent’s hold onto mobile gaming space within China.


With its recent announcement of its WeChat messaging application have reached a total of 396 million active users, Tencent is on a warpath with games. During the first three months of having introduced mobile games onto its Weixin chat applications, it passed a total of 570 million downloads, while reports have shown that its revenue from mobile games have tripled from the previous quarter to reach over $289 million.

Internationally sensational Candy Crush Saga has become one of the many games on Weixin, or WeChat as its known in other parts of the world, after Tencent snagged in a China exclusive. This may be one of the possible reason that Alibaba made their move in capturing Dots on their side.

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