The Domination Of Money Forwards, Financial Market.


The Domination Of Money Forwards, Financial Market.

Are people simply far to absorbed over money? Not really.People a mostly wish to have more disposable income. Disposable income that acquired through legal means, which is later used to pay off for all sorts of things, whether they be something like taxes and pension having been deducted from their salary. Disposable income allows people to buy dinner and drinks with some friends, extra saving in their bank account, new system or even a chance to live out one’s own dreams.

With all of these options available its not wonder that planning how to utilize disposable income has become a national past time around the globe. Money Forward founder and CEO, Yosuke Tsuji, built his company to make the process as simple as possible. Judging by the company’s strong user growth, rapidly approaching one million user accounts. he’s on his way to a successful life.

Brief Telling.

Founded during December 2012. MoneyForward entered a growing market. According to OECD figures, Japan’s national disposable income was on a rise, topping USD$3.7 trillion during 2012. The company seeks to become a one-stop shop for any person who wished to track and plan their finances. It pulls this off by creating a partnership with approximately 1,400 financial institutions in Japan. Users can then link their financial accounts  to their Money Forward account and set their sights on the full glory, or sober reality, of their financial health. Once the users financial accounts have been connected, any changes to their savings or securities will be pushed to Forward Where they can be fully analyzed.

Data analysis is another specialty where Money Forwards has value in. As Tsuji elaborates,“You can simulate your data from the past six months into the next three years… the customers can see the best card from their data.”


The service provides a near total-coverage for all financial institutions within Japan. With over 1,4000 out of 1,585 financial institutions in the Money Forward collective,even users who have never walked in ot a mega-bank will be able to enjoy some of the best service and benefits. The message certainly seems to have spread pretty far, as the company’s free application for Android has been rated to be the number one finance app for 2014 by Google Play. iOS users have also begun to migrate to the service on their iPhone and iPad. In short, Money Forward expects to announce the acquisition of its one million user this summer. Tsuji proclaimed that this goal will cement the company’s position as top dogs in Japan as measured by user accounts.

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