Docomo Announces New Portable Device For SIM Cards.


Docomo Announces New Portable Device For SIM Cards.

Japans largest carrier Docomo  has recent, announced that they want the SIM cards from people phones, in order to help consumers presence across multiple devices. They have launched a prototype Portable SIM device in hopes that it shall one day be able to accomplish such a thing.


The Verge has recently demoed this device which utilizes a combination of Bluetooth and NFC in order to connect with smartphones, tablets and PCs to store and transfer IDs, passwords, and other information that’s used for online shopping and much more.

The device can also store credentials for other services and serve as a universal password keychain. It was used to demonstrate logging in to sites like Amazon, Google, and Rakuten, and Docomo also plans to make compatible PC software available.

The miniature devices loses its authentication when the connection is dropped, which gives it some semblance of security, Although the though of placing  highly substantial amount of personal information into yet another device might have an adverse affect towards people, for the concept alone.

Docomo has filed for patents on Portable SIM, hoping others will elect to use the technology as an alternative to the aging SIM standard. This is a huge procedure to try and pull off, especially since it will require the size changing for most SIM cards for it to become quite effective, a tall hassle to pull off.

Docomo is currently in the works of trying to commercialize the device to help provide, “convenient services and product to its customers” across a multitude of platforms, this includes the SmartTVs, music players application system. Just like everything else that comes out in Japan, Its currently unclear whether this technology will ever spread beyond towards other continents.

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