DirectRooms Includes 10 Additional Languages For it’s on Going Expansion.


DirectRooms Includes 10 Additional Languages For it’s on Going Expansion.

DirectRooms, the Asia-based hybrid hotel meta-search site, has just recently announced the launching of 10 additional languages where hotel bookings are currently on the rise.


The latest languages to be included are Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Finish, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovakian, Ukrainian, and Russian.Travelers from these countries will now be able to search and compare deals from over 270 hotel booking sites in their native language.

DirectRooms has become the very first site to offer hotel meta-search in the Croatian language.

“We are pleased with the results from our addition of these 10 languages,” stated DirectRooms managing director Alex Lotz. He added, “This takes us to a total of 26 languages in our inventory and gives millions of potential travelers the widest choice of hotels and prices on the Internet.”


In Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and the Ukraine, shorter but more frequent weekend trips have begun to become a recently popular trend.

Travelers from these countries will now be able to receive a quick, comparison pricing result for either weekend getaways or extended holidays.

“The launch of the additional languages is the latest in a series of new developments at,” said Lotz. “We recently launched a proprietary hotel mapping function, added TripAdvisor reviews; included Pay Now – Pay at Hotel and no credit card needed to book option, developed a multi-grid function for choice of search displays and integrated the ‘Smart Deal’ finder algorithm. We’ve been very busy.”

DirectRooms is an independent global hotel price comparison website based in Phuket, Thailand  and has been operational online since 2000. Providing customers unbiased and real deals on over 253,000 hotels worldwide, by comparing prices from more than 270 hotel booking sites, in one easy search.

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