DigitalOcean’s Expansion Into the Asia-Pacfic to be Backed by Equinix.


DigitalOcean’s Expansion Into the Asia-Pacfic to be Backed by Equinix.

DigitalOcean, the cloud service provider startup, has recently made their move to Equinix’s International Business Exchange (IBX) datacenter infrastructure in Singapore as part of its push into the Asia Pacific region.


According to the interconnection and data center provider, the new Singapore deployment shall enable DigitalOcean to provide its existing customers with greater access to the Asian Market and offer its cloud hosting services to the growing developer’s community within the region.

“With our rapidly growing customer base, it is critical that we are able to effectively meet increasing demand for capacity in a timely manner, without compromising on quality of service,” said DigitalOcean’s chief marketing officer and founder, Mitch Wainer.

“Deploying in the Equinix IBX datacantre in Singapore not only allows us to continue providing the highest level of service to existing customers, but also to access new customers in a thriving region.”

By deploying towards Singapore, DigitalOcean expects to improve their service to the international develop community and utilize SG2 as a gateway to Australia, India, Southeast Asia and Japan.


For Equnix’s South Asia managing director, Clement Goh, this move will see to DigitalOcean’s customer-base within the region experience a much more lower latency rates.

“As a startup, DigitalOcean needs to maintain an agile and flexible architecture to scale and support its operations and business plans, which Equinix provides,” said Goh. “As a result of its global deployment through Equinix, the company’s customer base of developers, from startups as well as mature enterprises, can expect low-latency connectivity and minimal concerns of performance downtime.”

According to Equinix, this recent Singapore move shall provide DigitalOcean with the much closer proximity it will need to lower the latency down to 30 milliseconds compared to its previous 200 milliseconds if its was connecting through Amsterdam or Silicon Valley, allowing DigitalOcean’s customer to offer their services to companies based in the Asia-Pacific Region with the highest level of performance uptime.

With plants to open up a 13,000 square-meter datacenter site in Melbourne much later in the year, Equinix has also recently announced, the promotion of Jeremy Deutsch from sales director to country manger for Australia.

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