Dentsu Enters Into A Business Partnership with Pinterest Japan.


Dentsu Enters Into A Business Partnership with Pinterest Japan.

Dentsu has recently announced that it has managed to enter into a business partnership agreement with Pinterest Japan, the Japanese office of the U.S. company of Pinterest Inc., whereby Denstu shall be acting as Pinterest Japan’s strategic partner in the Japanese market. The Interest graph service Pinterest is a tool that will allow the users to create a more vast collection of images, videos, and other content that can be found on the Internet, as well as their very own original content, by pinning them to a board in a scarpbook-like format.


Through feature of sharing these boards, people will be able to become inspired and continue to make new discoveries. Pinterest had initially launched within the United States during 2010, and rapidly spread throughout the world, main through the use of smartphone users. The Japanese Office was established sometime during 2013, and the services are now being provided for the Japanese community.


Under the terms of agreement with Dentsu they shall, as Pinterest Japan’s strategic partners, provide consulting services that’s aimed at business development. Furthermore, from providing fresh insights into the Japanese market and effective marketing strategies, Dentsu shall assist Pinterest Japan in its PR and other activities that will help it increase awareness of and promot the spreading on Pinterest Throughout the entire country. Dentsu will also provide a strategic marketing activities the utilizes Pinterest  to advertiser and media companies, and will create new found opportunities for communication and new value for Pinterest users.

Pinterest is an interest graph servica that helps people make new discovers about things that they are interested in and find inspiration in their daily lives. User can create collection by pinning images or videos found on the Internet, as well as their own original content, to boards on the Pinterest website. This service also allows the user to follow other boards and people. and, using their interest as a focus point, promoting communication. The number of monthly Pinterest user has been estimated to be around 60 million users Globally, and companies have increasingly been making use of the service.

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