Delivery Service Naldo Receives Funding From Two Venture Capital.


Delivery Service Naldo Receives Funding From Two Venture Capital.

Instant delivery has become and increasingly booming business, with the market currently being worth a total amount of US$5 billion and thousands of local provider, both big and small, are competing against each other. Particularly, Naldo, has manage recently gain the attention of two venture capital offshoots of existing corporations.

This startup announced that it has successfully secured a Series A investment from both Softbank Ventures Korea and Qualcomm Ventures. This will be its very first major investment after its original angel funding back during 2013. The capital will be utilized for the sales, marketing and product development side of the startup for the sake of “faster scaling”.


Now, what exactly makes Naldo unique compared to the other aforementioned thousands? The company has manage to developed a few workaround for common deliver service problem such as late delivers, bundled order and transparent pricing. These would include having a mobile application and an SMS system for packing-tracking, an online platform to save cost on receiving a call centre, and its availability in the metropolitan are of Seol and Kyeonggi-do.

Another positive note would be that Naldo provides an immediate delivery within the time limit of 90 minutes. In a field where the fastest and most efficient prevail, having this touch in an arguably busy business are will make venture capital giants take notice. Softback Ventures itself vouched that the startup is “the best team to fix these old problems and create a market-leading company”

Naldo was initially founded during March 2013 by the founder and forme CEO of Yogiyo Ludolf Ebener-Chung. He also well known for being a former McKinsey consultant, working with clients such as game company NCSoft and consumer product giant LG Electronics.

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