Deezer Coming Soon to Chromecast With All Sorts of Fun Features.


Deezer Coming Soon to Chromecast With All Sorts of Fun Features.

Technology continues to improve our lives in a variety of ways, and one of the best things to arrive is for the capability of discovering music of any favorite genre one might have directly from their home entertainment system, compete with the viewing of high-definition album art on the newest curved 4K HD TV available, and this has been made possible thanks to Deezer.


Beginning as of tomorrow, Deezer will be integrating their music streaming and discovery service with the use of Google’s Chromcast, seamlessly bring music together with mobile and TV sets for the greatest home entertainment experience. By using the latest version of Deezer’s application, subscribers to their Premium + Service will now be able to access every single feature they love on their TV utilizing Chromecast.

Through the Deezer application, Chromecast will change people’s mobile phones into a remote control, enabling them to navigate through Deezer’s catalogue of more than 30 million tracker, or discover the latest sensational hit release through features such as Flow and Explore.


Parallel with the Chromcast integration, Deezer plans to introduce a new feature that allows multiple user to interact with the application one a single TV at he same time. With this, user can combine their very own favorite tracker with Deezer’s editorial recommnedation to create a virtual co-created music player.

Founder Daniel Marhely noted that Deezer’s new initiative will open a new channel for fans to enjoy their favourite music. “We want music fans to enjoy music discovery without limits,” he said, “We are already available on more devices than anyone else, and believe that by integrating with Chromecast, we can break down musical barriers even further.”

Deezer will launch for Chromecast Globally during June, 25th, 2014, available for Premium+ subscribers.

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