Curazy Secures $1 Million From Three Investment Firms.


Curazy Secures $1 Million From Three Investment Firms.

Japan-based BitGather, the startup that operates viral content site Curazy, has recently announce this week that it has manage to secure a total of 100 million yen ($1 million) from CyberAgent Ventures, DeNA, and Skyland Ventures. Coinciding with this announcement, the company rebranded its company name from Bitgather to Laugh Tech. They shall use this recent funding to hire new writers and editors, and plans to also introduce a mobile application for both iOS and Android sometime during mid-august.


Curazy is mainly focused on curating funny news topics from all over the globe. Since its launching during January, it has acquired over 5 million monthly unique user and over 19 million monthly page views. According to Laugh Tech’s co-founder and CEO Shinnosuke Ito,what makes them truly unique is that they have a main base of readers within their 30′s and its male to female ration is 50/50. He explained:

We aim to deliver content that can be a substitute to TV variety shows. We have a bit more female readers than male readers. I assume that’s because we are not dependent on indecent topics to generate user traffic. Our traffic peak comes after 8pm on weekdays, especially around 10pm.

For curation sites such as Cruzay, the huge problem is operating cost, which are most likely to increase in proportion to the growth of their business. Curazy has several-person team for content curation. To publish even more articles and differentiate themselves from other viral content sites, hiring writers and saving operating cost are main issues for the company.

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