Cubed Inc. Gains Mass Success During Korean Mayoral Campaign.


Cubed Inc. Gains Mass Success During Korean Mayoral Campaign.

Cubed, Inc.  the first 3D mobile display cube application connecting individuals, groups, and businesses, is pleased to announce that the Cube was utilized to provide multimedia communications support to the winning campaign of Mayor Ki-dong Kim of Kwangjin-gu District, Seoul.


During the nationwide municipal elections in Korea earlier this month, Cubed provided Mayor Kim’s campaign with the ability to deliver specially designed Cubes to his constituents with text messages, pictures and videos about his administration’s accomplishments over the past four years as well as convey the Mayor’s vision for the next four years.

“It was a true privilege for us to be able to support Mayor Kim’s campaign activities for re-election,” stated Doug Shinsato, Cubed Director and President of Cube’s Asian Operations. “Korea is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of smart phone ownership. The Cube is a unique multi-media communications that gave the Mayor a tool to extend his reach to his constituents on the device that they use the most. We are proud that we played even a small role in Mayor Kim’s victory, and we certainly expect the Cube to play an increasingly important role in politics and elections. It is simply perfect for this manner of expression.”

Mayor Kim, who ran as the candidate for the New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) party, faced a highly competitive campaign. He ended up winning with 53.7% of Kwangjin-gu’s vote.

“The Cube,” Mayor Kim said after his victory, “Is an elite tool to communicate with people — who are the foundation of our democracy — efficiently and effectively. It made a tremendous difference.”

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