Create High-Quality Mobile Game Trailers in Minutes With Shakr.


Create High-Quality Mobile Game Trailers in Minutes With Shakr.

Shakr Media, the company that’s reimagining everything to video, announced a series of new mobile game trailers that developers and marketers can make in their browsers in a few minutes.


Like all Shakr videos, these game trailers are free to make. Customers only pay when they are completely satisfied with the videos they have created and want to download their videos and remove the watermark.

Upgrading one of Shakr’s mobile game trailers costs just $70, which is about 10% of the average cost of paying a professional editor to piece together a game trailer. During the month of July, Shakr is offering customers 20% off game trailer videos when they use the promotional code GAMES-20OFF-72014.

Making and customising the game trailers is drag-and-drop simple, using Shakr’s video creator. Select a few photos and video clips. Drag them into place. Type a little text, and a professional quality game trailer will be ready in minutes.

“Trailers sell mobile games, but they’re expensive to make,” said Erik Cornelius, VP of Marketing at Shakr. “If you’ve created the next Angry Birds or Candy Crush, but your marketing budget isn’t as epic as your game, Shakr’s fun new video styles are a smart choice.”

Mobile Game Trailer from Shakr Media on Vimeo.


Game trailer videos made with Shakr can help game developers supercharge their mobile game marketing. They are ideal for use on YouTube, game review websites, the Google Play Store and as Facebook ads. The company has created versions of the trailers specifically for Android and iOS games.

Shakr’s game trailers are created by the same great designers who made the company’s successful automotive, travel, and real estate advertising collections.

To get started, and to get 20% off during the month of July, marketers can visit

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