Coupang Purchases U.S. Technology Company CalmSea.


Coupang Purchases U.S. Technology Company CalmSea.

One of Korea’s leading social commerce companies, Coupang, has recently announced that it has managed to acquire a U.S. technology company by the name of CalmSea inc. The Mountain View-based company is a specialist in establishment and development of large-scaled database systems, distribution optimizations, big data analysis, and e-commerce and CRM applications.


CalmSea has worked along side numerous amounts global household names Disney, Puma, Lenovo, and Barclay Card.

Located within the Silicon Valley, Calmsea shall be used as Coupang’s U.S. office. Coupang developers will travel to Silicon Valley where they may carry out educational programs and conferences to promote their direct exchanges with their counterparts at CalmSea.

CalmSea transforms isolated silos of consumer data, across social media, email, web traffic and enterprise CRM, into a single, interconnected, dynamic interest graph of connections between people, their interests and their intent. We help retail and media brands personalize and customize cross-channel interactions with their customers at scale.

CalmSea was founded under a world-class team of big-data, SaaS, retail and segmentation experts from DemandTec, Oracle, Siebel and Blue Martini. Led by Altos Ventures, ClamSea was also backed by leading VC firms based within the Silicon Valley.

Coupang is the fastest growing e-commerce company in South Korea. In only its third year, Coupang currently has 15 million subscribers, 800 employees, and is on target to hit a $1B Annual Revenue Run Rate in early 2013. The company became cash flow positive in 2011 and achieved monthly net profit in May 2012. Coupang is also dedicated to customer service, operating a call center available seven days a week, easy and quick cancellations, and fast shipping (1-2 days delivery).


CEO of ClamSea, James H. Dai, shall continue to work there as the CTO. He has over 40 years of experience at the global IT firms, with specialty in database setup, software development, and operations and management skills.

A Coupang official spokesperson stated, “With this acquisition, we will provide differentiated services to our customers, using our world-class technological expertise.”

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