Com2us Dominates The Global Market with Two of Its Best Games.


Com2us Dominates The Global Market with Two of Its Best Games.

Com2us, the Korean mobile game company, has manage to achieve a remarkable success in Asia and global markets with two of its most popular games, “the God of Fishing” and “Summoners War: Sky Arena.”


According to a released statement by Com2us, its most famous RPG game, “Summoner’s War: Sky Arena,” stepped on the Number 1 position on Singapore’s Apple App Store jute three days after it launched, and is currently ranked at the top 10 in sales ranking, in Google Play Store and Apple App Store of Hong Kong Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

The sales of the highly addictive RPG game with turn-based rapid paced battles and sophisticated skill effects also have been steeply soaring in much larger game markets, such as the United States, Japan and China.

“The God of Fishing” is also expected to be a well paced seller in the global market.The fishing game has been downloaded over 2.8 million in China alone and the over all download number worldwide have reached over 13 million.

Searching to target the global market, the fishing game was developed in over seven different languages, these included English, Japanese, French, and German, and alo the game developing company has placed a lot of effort in creating the high-quality 3D game as it is, to be compatible in devices with much lower specification.

The success behind  the Korean leading game app company is meaningful in that it has created a new kind of growth engine within the global market beyond the saturated domestic game market.


According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, the over all size of the world’s mobile game market for the year of 2013 was around US$8.5 billion and the size was projected to soar towards $13.9 billion by 2016.

Another factor that make the success of the two Korea game application much more significant as both games have achieved their success in a rapidly-growing global Tablet PC gaming market, in which Korean game companies have previously struggled with until recently.

The size of the market for tablet PC games for the previous year was totaled around $3.7 billion, which approximately 280 million people who enjoy game application on tablet PC over all the world and the market has been growing rapidly and is expected to continue increasing its size to totaled up around $10 billion market 515 million tablet gamers by 2016.

An official at Com2us said, “It is very much an encouraging and inspiring result that following the success of the sports game such as the God of Fishing and Golf Star, an RPG game also made a hit as well among the global mobile gamers. We are certain that Com2us will keep thriving to become an internationally-renowned game company.

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