CNIT Retains Grayling As Investor Relations Counsel.


CNIT Retains Grayling As Investor Relations Counsel.

China Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of integrated internet-based platforms, products and services in China, today announced that it has retained Grayling as its investor relations counsel.


In this role, Grayling will lead an investor relations program to increase capital markets awareness of China Information Technology, proactively expand communication with institutional and individual investors, and provide the investment community with better access to understand the Company’s fundamental value and performance.

Founded in 1981, Grayling is a leading global communications network to deliver data-driven strategies in investor relations, public relations, government relations, and events. Grayling has a global footprint with offices in 54 locations in 26 countries worldwide.

Mr. Jiang Huai Lin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, “As we transition our business to become a provider of cloud-based internet platform, we are preparing to launch our proprietary Cloud-App-Terminal (CAT) and regroup our business under three segments in online education, new media and community internet platforms. These are exciting new developments that we want to make sure investors fully understand and appreciate. Grayling has knowledge in the technology space and a proven track record of implementing investor relations programs for U.S.-listed Chinese companies. We look forward to working with Grayling to help investors better understand our new cloud-based technology platform and to increase our shareholder value.”


Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, China Information Technology, Inc., through its subsidiaries and other consolidated entities, provides CNIT Cloud Platform based on its proprietary Cloud-App-Terminal (CAT) model. The Company’s cloud-based products include Cloud-based Education Platform (CEP), Information Distribution Platform (IDP), Online Ad Exchange Platform (OAEP), etc. The Company’s integrated hardware, software, and cloud-based services serve a variety of customers in the fields of government, education, healthcare, financial, commercial, communication and individual consumers.

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