Chinese Startup Develops Its Own Virtual Reality Headset Dubbed ANTVR KIT.


Chinese Startup Develops Its Own Virtual Reality Headset Dubbed ANTVR KIT.

The Oculus Rift may have become one of the better known devices among those who dream for a virtual reality world, but its definitely not the only machine around with its kind of caliber.

A Chinese startup company has launched its very own brand through the use of a Kickstarter campaign for their virtual reality device that been dubbed the ” All-in-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit” or ANTVR KIT for a much shorter pronunciation.


Based in Beijing, the company, ANTVR, has boasted that its product, which contains a wireless headset and controller, gives its user the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a larger-than-life version of their favorite entertainment.

It can be utilized in conjunction  with a variety of movies and games, including those available for consoles such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

“Anything that can put out an HDMI signal can be picked up by the headset,” said Qin Zheng, the project’s founder.

“The [ANTVR KIT] is equipped with a full [high-definition] display,” can be found on the description for the product. The sharp picture is projected onto the wearers retina through the aspherical lens without distorting the image, allowing every pixel to remain in sharp focus.

While the helmet is on, The user will be surrounded by the largest 4:3 standard screen available in this world, which gives the user a 100 degree diagonal field of vision. This gives the wearer and IMAX-like quality experience in the comfort of their own homes.



Unlike that of the Oculus Rift headset, which utilizes a spherical lens in which causes a distortion along the edge of the wearer’s vision, the ANTVR Kit has been developed with an aspherical lens, which means that in theory, the product is also capable of producing a much superior virtual reality image that is covered easily around the user.

Qin has stated that his inspirations in finding the company and the creation for the ANTVR Kit stems from his huge love for science fictions.

After appearing as of recently on Kickstarter, the ANTVR KIT has managed to gained over a total of US$155,755 in funding from various individuals who are interested in the product.

Virtual reality headwear has increasingly become popular during the past couple of years, in particularly as the crazed fans of the video game have continued to find new ways to complete the total immersion providing from the media. The Oculus Rift, which also began as a Kickstarter project itself, manage to raise over a total of US$2 million during the year 2012. The finalized version for consumers of this product has been dated for release during the late 2014.

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