Chinese Flirting App Momo Announces The Closing of its English Service.


Chinese Flirting App Momo Announces The Closing of its English Service.

The popular Chinese flirting application that’s been valued to be around $2 billion, Momo, is taking a step back from the international market after having recently announce its plans to discontinue its English version of its services as of July 1st.


The flirting services has become highly popular in china and claims over more than 100 million downloads for both iOS and Android. Previously during October 2012, it jumped on the global expansion train alongside messaging application such as WeChat and Line by launching an standalone English version of its iOS application. Although, it seems that the move didn’t go as they had originally believed it would, even though the company has boasted of having user in over 150 countries.

From what stated in a short note to its users, the company went on to explain that it has come towards “a tough decision” to shut down the English version of the application during July 1st, however it doesn’t go on to explain their reason behind this move. There is some good new though, since the company has gone to tease that it’s currently preparing to launch a “brand new product” based on what it has manage to learn, this perhaps may be a standalone application for non-Chinese users, but who knows.


Earlier during the year, talks over the possibility og Momo joining its fellow Chinese tech firms setting their sight on US private markets with a listing of their very own. The company is stated ot be worth around $2 billion.

The application itself works in a similar fashion to that of other standard flirting application. This includes location-based friend discovery, voice messaging, group chats, ephermal messages, communities and much more. More advanced features, which includes games, stickers and other in-app purchases, rolled out to the Chinese version of the application, but never hit the international version.

Here’s the complete message of the note sent to users of the English service:

Dear user, thank you for staying with Momo. We have made a tough decision to discontinue this version on July 1st, 2014. We want to take the chance to thank you for always being there for us: you have been the driving force behind our mission to change the way people connect. Now we’re working on a brand new product featuring our exciting learnings along the way! It will be ready soon. We’re here to thank you again and answer any questions that you might have.

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