China’s Travel Journal Sharing Site 117GO, Secures $20 Mil Series B


China’s Travel Journal Sharing Site 117GO, Secures $20 Mil Series B

Previously we heard about Ctrip buying stake in their rival company, and today 117GO announced that they secured a $20 Million Series B funding led by Softbank China Ventures. 117GO is a travel journal sharing startup where users can log in and create journals of their trips and share them with their friends. The site is very similar to the Tripadvisor website in the West, except it is aimed more towards stories, journals, blogging and diaries. As of now, 117GO claims that their website have an average of 200,000+ daily users.


117GO allows you to set up a timeline of your trip. You can add pictures, locations, stories, blogs and everything to your timeline. It doesn’t necessary need to be for your vacation or business trips. Actually, most of the top post on the site have nothing to do with going on vacation. You can mark down a nice dinner that you had or you could mark down a new discovery that you can upon.

After you upload the entry, you can share it with your friends on Wechat, Weibo, Sina etc. and it will appear on the public page. Other users that are browsing the site can favorite your post and reshare it with their friends. Other users can also leave comment on your post asking questions about the area.

Online travel services and startups have been huge in China recently. A lot of people consider this as the new trend because the majority of people that live in China love to travel. In addition to that, a lot of foreigners are planning on visiting China, so there is a huge growth rate for the travel market.

Another reason why 117GO is so popular in China is because a lot of stay home moms love to browse the web and read interesting materials while their kids are asleep. This is also why e-commerce is currently so powerful in China as well. A lot of people do not have time to go out or can’t leave the house due to the need for taking care of their child. These services provide a valuable entertainment for people who love to read up travel material.

To learn more about 117GO check out their website here:

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