China’s Popular Karaoke App Changba, Expands Into Mobile Gaming


China’s Popular Karaoke App Changba, Expands Into Mobile Gaming

Changba is one of the most used and well known karaoke app in China. Most people use Changba because of it’s unique social and ranking feature where it gives you a score based on how well you sing. The app itself have most of the Chinese and English songs out there that are popular. I personally played with this app 2 years ago and had a lot of fun, but it was very unstable at the time.


Like a lot of popular consumer based apps, Changba started off free. The app has over 6 million daily active users. The way that Changba works is that you can select or search for any song that you like. Then the song will play with only the instrumental version and you can sing along with it. At the end it will generate you a score based on how well you sang. After that you can share it with your friends or keep singing to try to beat the leaderboard. Quite competitive and quite fun.

It wasn’t until about a year ago that Changba decide to add some monetization to their app. Paid apps do not generate a strong revenue for the startups in China, mainly because people do not really like to spend money to buy an app, instead people in China love in app purchases. Changba decided to add inapp purchases to their product line with virtual gifts.

Recently the karoke startup app decided to tap into gaming as well. Mobile games generate a huge amount of revenue in China due to both ads and in game purchases. People go crazy on those! The in-app purchases model is similar to the Candy Crush model. Changba only released one game so far, but it has already received over 1million downloads. The game is based on the top two leaderboard singers on the app.

Want to sing some karaoke and see your score? Download Changba here:

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