China’s JD.Com Relaunches Paipai To Take On Alibaba.


China’s JD.Com Relaunches Paipai To Take On Alibaba., China’s largest online direct sales company, today announced that Paipai, the consumer-to-consumer (“C2C”) marketplace platform and a subsidiary of the Company has re-launched its site with the goal of bringing’s superior shopping experience to China’s C2C space. The enhanced platform reduces marketing costs for sellers and prioritizes search relevance over advertising, while providing the option to complete orders through’s own nationwide fulfillment network.

“Paipai’s re-launch will help bring the superior experience consumers have come to expect from to a Chinese C2C e-commerce platform,” commented Vice President and President of Paipai Kate Kui. “The new Paipai will provide consumers access to same-day and next-day delivery, and the excellent after sales service that they already enjoy with We expect Paipai’s re-launch will help sellers realize higher profit margins through lower marketing costs and bring consumers a superior e-commerce experience, which should help drive expansion of our business.”


Following the acquisition of Paipai from Tencent Holdings Limited in March, 2014, worked to improve user experience on the Paipai platform, drawing on its broad sector expertise. As part of the re-launch, the Company announced improvements to Paipai’s search function, including an algorithm that prioritizes sellers based on factors such as buyer feedback, variety of relevant products sold and other factors that aim to provide a better user experience. As with Marketplace, Paipai sellers will also have access to’s superior self-operated last-mile logistics network and finance tools.

“ has always been focused on superior service and products, and we have worked to ensure that Paipai’s search results strongly prioritize sellers that receive the best feedback from users to give consumers greater confidence,” Ms. Kui said. “Paipai now helps connect sellers with the most relevant buyers by leveraging shopping histories for an optimized experience. We have begun implementing aggressive plans to provide promotional advertising rates over the next year as we look to build out our seller base.”


Leveraging’s expertise in stringently vetting suppliers, Paipai has also begun implementing improved anti-counterfeiting measures to ensure the authenticity of products sold.

“We believe that over time, consumers will associate Paipai with the same traditional strengths as in the areas of product authenticity, speedy delivery and superior mobile experience,” said Ms. Kui.

The Company said that over the next three to five years, Paipai will prioritize investment, with a focus on building the strength of its brand, user experience and overall offer.

Launched in 2006, Paipai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of, is a C2C online marketplace in China. Paipai offers sellers the option to use’s nationwide fulfillment infrastructure and finance tools. acquired Paipai in March 2014 as part of its strategic partnership with Tencent.

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