China’s Future Importance To Angry Bird Creators Rovio.


China’s Future Importance To Angry Bird Creators Rovio.

Its a pretty known that the Angry Birds franchise is a worldwide sensation, known to everyone in every bit of cranny, arguably more so in China. From its main sling shooting bird-fling puzzle games to its huge assortment of merchandise efforts its creator Rovio is in pretty good position.

Net Drop.

Which is why this piece of information may be a bit surprising when it was reported that the Helsinki-based company’s net profits descended by more than half. According to the company’s official state on its 2013 financial results, its net profit went from %37.3 million during 2013. The company raked in over $215.9 million in revenue during the previous year, which became a small steup from its $210.6 million it raked in back during 2012.

During the previous year, the company had decided to focus on licensing and merchandising its Angry Birds brand than figuring out how to spice up the current free-to-play mobile gaming scene. Another thing to remember is Angry Birds own activity parks that have opened up in China an other European locations such as Spain and Finlad, as well as a collaboration between GungHo on Puzzle & Dragon cameo.


The company’s employment statues warrants some mentioning, Rovio headcount went from 500 to 800 during 2013, and its managed to acquire former Digital Chocolate (Tower Bloxx) and EA executive jami Lee as its New Executive Vice President for games.

Rovio stated during the previous year at Finland tech conference named Slush that China hast become its biggest download market; official stats from Niko Partners said that an estimated 288 million people play mobile games within the country. This makes this quite good with its first office outside of Finland was first based in Shanghai.

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