China’s Cracks Down on Popular Messaging Apps.


China’s Cracks Down on Popular Messaging Apps. 

China’s Government has begun a month-long crack down on illegal content that could possible be circulating through the local instant messaging services.


This latest even of crackdowns was announced on Tuesday, following after a terrorist attack upon China’s Xinjiang region which lead towards the death of up to 43 people, Police had later managed to arrest over 200 suspected militants, who had been chatting over the use of local instant messaging services an order to organize their activities, according to the nation’s state-controlled press.

Among the messaging services to have been used were WeChat and QQ, two of the most popular messaging services in the nation and developed by local Internet giant Tencent.

China is aiming for rumors, terrorism, and porn-related information as a part of these operation. Specifically authorities want to regulate the way the mobile instant messaging application can spread information throughout the public.

“Some people are using these platforms to disseminate unhealthy or illegal and harmful information to the public,” China’s Xinhua News Agency stated. The total amount of users for the mobile instant messaging services in China have reached over a total of 800 million users, the agency further added.


Tencent has as of yet to make a comment on this recent matter. it’s WeChat application has over 355 million monthly active users, most of which are based within China.

The company has already begun to tightened their restrictions around WeChat “public accounts”, Which any user can be subscribed to. During March, Tencent had shut down certain public accounts of very well known for political writing, claiming that they had violated the company’s policies.

Although, users had complained that the account was doing nothing wrong, and some parts of the public account had been restored later on, But China’s scrutiny over WeChat is not expected to stop at any moment. During November, the government named the product about the social networking application that could destabilize the nation if not properly regulated.

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