China Tighten’s on Google services ahead of 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square


China Tighten’s on Google services ahead of 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square 

Google has just recently become one of the latest victims of the broad online censorship within China, according to recent reports circulating around from out of the country.

Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Ever since the previous week, China-based regulators have blocked several Google services, which included search, Gmail, and other service, according to a recent reports from the country. The country hasn’t confirmed that it has indeed manage to block Google services, but most Chinese users have found out that Google’s services ceased to be accessible since the previous week.

From whats been gathered, this recent mass blockage seems to be occurring due to the ties of this weeks’ 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in which the Chinese government had killed, injured, and arrested a mass number of unarmed protesters. Each year, the Chinese government had censored the Web to try to limit protest against the thwarted uprising. Several Internet services are currently blocked or censored, including the social network and other Web communication tools.


Google has had some highly controversial relationship with China over the past couple of years. The company had once offered it services within China. But After having faced off with government high strung censorship, Google had decided to move its service into Hong Kong. The move effectively allowed the search company to operate outside the rules and regulations that had been placed upon by the Chinese government. As China has proven this week, Although, it still has the capability to block the flow of traffic from Hong Kong into the mainland.

One of the Google-owned services to be unaffected by this latest occurrences of censorship would be YouTube. The video site has been blocked in China for years, along with Facebook and Twitter.

Every year during the month of June and the Tiananmen Square Massacre is commemorated around the world, including within Hong Kong, China’s ruling party typically conduct a massive Web crackdown. It’s not uncommon for Chinese Censors to block certain comments from being viewed on China-based company services, such as Weibo. China also applies heavy amounts of pressure on Baidu and other search engines in the country to ensure censorship filters are put in place.

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