China Telecom Will Begin Selling Microsoft’s Xbox One in September.


China Telecom Will Begin Selling Microsoft’s Xbox One in September.

One of China’s most largest telecommunications firms, China Telecom, has recently revealed in a press conference that they have been chosen to be the exclusive carrier partner for Microsoft’s Xbox One and shall begin to start selling it during September.

Press Event.

The press event was for the revealing for China Telecom’s internet of things efforts in the form of a smart home series named “Yue Me,” feature several productions which included a set-top box and a smart TV. The Xbox one seems set to fit right within China Telecom’s move to dominate the living rooms of the Chinese populace.

Microsoft confirmed during April of this year of there plans in launching the Xbox One within China during September, in partnership with BesTV New Media, after a 13-year ban on video game consoles were finally lifted during the previous year. The two formed a joint venture for home entertainment and gaming experiences last year, becoming the first company registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone agreement, as part of the requirement for console-developers selling in China.

Although, China Telecom’s latest announcement still didn’t unveil any much details on the pricing for the Xbox One in China.


In a released statement by China Telecom, BesTV Media also stated that its seeking to overturn traditional TV and internet gaming in China to develop a combination of videos, games, education and health system within the cloud, for a smart home entertainment system.

The only thing possibly left to do is wait and see on how the Xbox one shall position itself within China when September rolls around. At the moment, Microsoft has manage to gain a lead ahead of Sony, which previously revealed during May of this year that it was preparing its own launching for its PS4 in the country after forming a joint venture.

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