China Blocks Dropbox, Leading Towards Mass Frustration From Users.


China Blocks Dropbox, Leading Towards Mass Frustration From Users.

Unfortunate news has recently appear for Dropbox users, previously the service had been found to have been unblocked within China, but as of recently it seems that the ever popular cloud-storage service is no longer accessible in the world largest country, according to recent tweets from user and data gathered from censorship monitoring organization


From what’s been gathered from the GreatFire database, which is continuously testing out the accessibility of internet from inside China in order to identify new blockages, shows that (the site commonly used for downloading files) is no longer accessible from within China, which suggest that its application will also no longer be operational. Furthermore, the main site appears to have been blocked as well, according to the organization’s analytics.

Either way, even with all of this technical information, users are venting their ire on twitter with this recent change on Dropbox’s performance in China today.


This reblocking of Dropbox, which has manage to recently surpassed a total of 300 million registered user worldwide, comes during the time when China’s most brazen crackdown on Google’s service to date. Gmail, Google Maps, and other Google services have become entirely blcoked in China since the early month of June, due to the recent 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square protest during June 4.

Although, it may be a much common thing for China to suppress overseas internet services and their user around the anniversary, which has become one of the most controversial period in the country’s history, it’s unprecedented for the massive shutdown to last for almost four weeks, which is whats seems to be going on right now.

While it is common for China to surpress overseas internet services and their users around the anniversary, which is one of the most controversial dates in the country’s history, it is unprecedented for the clampdown to last for nearly four weeks, as is the case right now.

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