China Banns The Use of Windows 8 For Government Computers.


China Banns The Use of Windows 8 For Government Computers.

Recent news has popped up of the Chinese government having decided to ban the usage of Windows 8 for its computer because of Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP during April 8. This recent move could become  huge significant blow against Mircosoft’s business within the country.

The Notice.

From what we could gather from the Chinese government notice that has been placed up, ordering this recent ban, The notice was complied by the Central State Organs of Government Procurement Center. According to the information found on the notice, this may sound like a body that specializes in equipment acquisitions for state agencies.

“All computer products are not allowed to install Windows 8 operating system,” the notice reads. Assumptions can be made that this will also be applying towards Windows 8.1, though the notice doesn’t make any specific reference to the revamped version of  Microsoft’s dual-UI operating system.

This is just one of the latest chapter in the tense relationship between the U.S. and China. The government of both nation have been regularly trading bards pertaining to cyber espionage, with each accusing the others of having hacked into the government networks illegally.


It’s not currently known which operation system the Chinese government will be utilizing in the place of Windows XP. It’s still possible for them to use Windows 7 since the band only applies to Windows 8 and not every single Windows operating system in general, or they could simply move on towards another operating system such as Chrome OS or Even Apples own system.

Even though the Windows XP is no longer being supported, the operating system in still widely used thoughout China. During the previously month,  approximately over 70 percent of China’s 200 million PC user were still running Window XP on their computer.

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