Chat App Line Launches An Experimental E-commerce App.


Chat App Line Launches An Experimental E-commerce App.

Japan-based messenger app Line has changed into something beyond that of a simple messaging application. During the sametime it has manage to confirm that it’s applying for a long-awaited IPO, that could see its value be worth $10 billion, an application named Line Shop has appeared in Thailand which shows off its e-commerce ambitions.


The company has previously led pilots of commerce that included flash sales, it has launched efforts in both Thailand and Taiwan, it’s two strongest overseas markets, and a consumer-to consumer marketplace application in Japan. Currently, with Line Shop, it’s offering a brand-to-consumer experience that is initially only available within Thailand.

Line Ship is a standalone iOS and Android application that connects users with a range of brands, which include brick and mortar retailers and online companies such as Rocket Internet’s Zalora brand. Users are able to connect the application onto their Line account to allow chat rooms and direct conversations, while it utilizes a Twitter style following/follower model that allows user to keep up with their favorite brands and latest offers.

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The application has yet to be announced officially by Line, but its smidgen of existence shows that the company is messing around with a new area of commerce as its searches for ways to continue growing its revenues and making its platform more engaging for users. Already its allowing brands to push messages towards users who opt-in to follow them, while this communication is often includes deals, users are forced to leave the Line application to complete any sort of transaction. Line Shop simplifies the process by putting all the elements of e-commerce into a single application.

It;s not much of coincidence that Line is pushing these initiatives in the aforementioned three countries, since they are the countries where its messaging application is most dominant Line boast over 50 million registered user in Japan, 25 million in Thailand, and over 20 million in Taiwan, which makes these places the perfect place to test their future products, and provide a ready audience that will in turn attract retailer to jump on board this new experiment.

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