Celltick Partners With Samsung Electronics to Launch Custom UI Experience.


Celltick Partners With Samsung Electronics to Launch Custom UI Experience.

Celltick, a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, today announced its partnership with Samsung Electronics West Africa, the leading marketer of Android devices in Nigeria. Celltick will create a custom Galaxy 11 interface based on its Start application that will become the Galaxy 11 default start screen for Samsung Android phones in Nigeria. Celltick’s Start is a next-generation, intelligent Android interface, providing personalized functionality so Android users can get what they need from the first screen of their phone.


With Start, Samsung customers will have quick access to what matters most when they wake up their phone. Start’s recommendation engine learns and adapts the start screen based on big data technology utilizing collaborative filtering techniques to individualize and personalize the user experience with ongoing recommendations. With the aid of coupons provided by Celltick and its partners, Samsung would be able to provide a unique and valuable solution to their users encouraging brand loyalty. Users can also personalize their experience with a wide variety of themes, personal shortcuts and localized content feeds presented as starters on the start screen.

“It is our mission to provide our customers with the best possible mobile experience,” said Emmanouil Revmatas, Director IM, Samsung Electronics West Africa. “Our partnership with Celltick allows us to create a custom Galaxy 11 localized interface for our users in Nigeria and Africa as a whole delivering a completely unique user experience. With Start, we will provide our customers with increased flexibility and complete freedom while helping them benefit from faster access to the most relevant features as well as access to money saving valuable coupons on the device.”

“We are extremely proud to have been chosen to partner by Samsung Electronics West Africa. This partnership allows users of the best-in-class Android devices to have the best startscreen experience. We are confident that our solution which is loved by users worldwide will provide consumers of Samsung Electronics West Africa an unparalleled compelling experience. We have also been extremely successful in providing targeted coupons through our partners in Nigeria,” said Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick. “We are excited to receive endorsement of our vision and technology from the world’s leading device manufacturer.”

The growing Start ecosystem includes hundreds of themes and plug-ins available for download from Samsung Apps Store and Google Play. With this partnership, Celltick continues to expand its reach and making Start a widely accepted intelligent interface for Android devices. In 2013, Celltick powered billions of mobile-initiated commerce transactions for virtual and physical goods across 25 countries.

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