CBME Successfully Launches Largest China Pavilion at ABC Kids Expo.


CBME Successfully Launches Largest China Pavilion at ABC Kids Expo.

Shanghai International Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo (CBME China) is launching the second CBME China Pavilion at ABC Kids Expo, on 07 to 10 September 2014in Las Vegas, USA. CBME China, together with Chinese baby products suppliers, will be featured in this national pavilion showcasing their latest products and meeting potential partners in the USA.

“This is the second year CBME China is bringing Chinese suppliers and brands to the USA as part of CBME China pavilion at ABC Kids Expo. We have seen significant growth this year with 17 suppliers joining the China pavilion, making this the largest Chinese delegation we are bringing over to the USA. We have received a lot of positive feedback and success stories from our customers since we launched this last year,” said Athena Gong, General Manager of CBME.

“With the significant growth of China’s baby, children products market in the recent years, we have seen more and more brands and manufacturers becoming mature enough and qualified to compete in the international market. Quite a number of them are starting to seek business opportunities outside of China.”

CBME China.

CBME China has formed an alliance with ABC Kids Expo in January 2013, with the intent and goal of helping baby, children and maternity industry suppliers in China and the USA to expand their businesses overseas, and aims to form a powerful catalyst to boost the baby, children and maternity industry as a whole. As part of this alliance, ABC Kids Expo has launched USA Pavilion in 2013 at CBME China with five exhibitors showcasing five brands. This year, the USA pavilion featured 14 brands.

Launched in 2001 in Shanghai, China, CBME China is now the world’s largest sourcing event for children, baby and maternity products. Riding on the success of CBME in China, CBME is now also in Turkey,India, Singapore and Brazil. CBME aims to promote global trade in the booming markets of Asia, Europe, Eurasia, Middle East and South America.

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