Carmudi Continues To Drive On Through Towards More Cities In the Philippines.


Carmudi Continues To Drive On Through Towards More Cities In the Philippines.

With a huge opportunity available in Asia, Rocket Internet’s car classifieds Carmdui utilized its recent $10 million funding to expand its presence into Asia. This time within the Philippines, Carmudi is continuously increasing its operations after launching first within Metro Manila, It has gained over 7,000 listings on its website during the three months and is set to expand into other cities in the country.


For country manager Nicolas Boldt for Carmudi Philippines, the car industry within the Philippines represents a huge opportunity where care sales have continued to increase, with a growth of 16.5 percent on a yearly basis.

By offering its services towards both car dealers and private car owners who wish to sell their vehicles online. Boldt states that they have barely done any sort of marketing and the quick growth happened through word of mouth and social medial shares by its users.

The team tried to maintain the best possible relationship they can with all sorts of car dealers inside the capital. Employees are sent to visit these dealers on regular basis, personally capturing photos of the cars for sale helping them write description of the vehicles. Boldy says:

On the B2B side, personal relationships is valued very highly. We teach them how to design their listings. It’s also healthy for the buyer to know that we have also seen the car.


Carmudi’s main objective is to become the one-stop shop for car purchasers, offering editorial content tutorials amount cars. For the sellers, its shall offer a weekly data that provides and overview of which car models are searched for the most and those that have sold the most.

The Rocket Internet venture currently has a total of 30 employees based in the Philippines managing customer support and expansion. After a managing keep a tight grip on Manila, it’s now set to expand its way through Batangas, Davao, and Cebu.

Currently, a large amount of the sellers based in Carmudi Philippines platform are car dealers themselves, But Boldy commented that private sellers are increasing at a very fast paced. Between the months of March to April, it has seen over more than 100 percent month-on-month growth from private sellers.

Boldt contributes this amazing success towards other Rocket Internet ventures based in the Philippines will be copied by Carmudi:

When we came here people didn’t know what Carmudi means. But likewise, Lazada or Zalora didn’t mean anything before. Now, Lazada means electronics online and Zalora means fashion online. Our goal is to make Carmudi known with selling cars online.

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