Career Partners International Expands With 54 Offices in Japan.


Career Partners International Expands With 54 Offices in Japan.

Career Partners International, one of the world’s largest global providers of outplacementexecutive coaching and other talent management solutions, announced its expansion to 54 locations in Japan with the addition of Tempstaff Career Consulting.

Team Up.

Tempstaff Career Consulting (TCC) joins the 71 partner firms in over 45 countries that make up the equity ownership of Career Partners International in its mission to improve organizational performance and people’s lives every day.

Founded in 1982, TCC, an equity owner of Career Partners International, is one of the largest and most respected providers of outplacement services in the Japanese market. The firm, which provides talent management services through 54 offices across Japan, has successfully assisted nearly 100,000 individuals in their career transition by providing access to the most experienced outplacement consultants in the country.

“We are excited to join such a quality, global organization as Career Partners International and bring only the best outplacement services to our multi-national and international clients while providing the same to the existing clients of Career Partners International,” said Kazunari Ishii, President and CEO of TCC, the Japan branch of Career Partners International. “Our approach to quality, personalized outplacement services aligns well with Career Partners International and its mission.”


The expansion in Japan represents the latest in Career Partners International’s global growth initiatives to further enhance its ability to bring its clients local experts with global reach in outplacement, executive coaching and other talent management services. This year the firm added offices throughout the United States, Canada and Europe and is attracting even more new clients who value the organization’s best-in-class approach to talent management services.

“Having such a well-respected company in the outplacement industry like TCC join our team is exciting news for us,” shared David P. Hemmer, President and CEO of Career Partners International. “The addition of the firm dramatically expands our reach and capabilities in Japan to bring only the best outplacement services to our clients everywhere in the world.”

The organization’s focus on quality outplacement around the world continues to produce outstanding results for its clients and participants. In 2014, Career Partners International outplacement participants achieved their career objectives within an average of 3.2 months, almost three times faster than the U.S. National average, and 93.8% returned to work in higher or lateral level career roles. With such outstanding results, it’s no wonder that nearly 100% of program participants reporting via survey indicated that Career Partners International’s outplacement services exceeded or met their expectations and recently awarded the firm an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +70, a score well above the NPS bar for excellence of +50.

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