Call China for Only $2.99/month With China 300 on


Call China for Only $2.99/month With China 300 on has manage to grow its product even larger, by recently introducing its smallest and most cheapest monthly plan. The latest offered is China 300, and due to its low rate of only $2.99 a month as it promises to bring even more of its friends and shorten the distance between the US and China become even more bearable and affordable.


China 300 offers a total of 300 minutes to call any number in China at only 1 ¢/min. China 300 joined the other 2 monthly plans offers its customers: China 550 for $4.99/month, or China 1100, for $8.98/month. No matter the type of plan customers choose, the subscription renews automatically every 30 days and the minutes offered are added to customers’ accounts. Furthermore, plans can be canceled anytime, with no penalties. Also, customers may upgrade or downgrade their plans at any time, an option that is available in their online account.

Close relatives of the monthly plans, the Voice Credit service offer customers attractive rates to call China: 1.6 ¢/min for any landline or mobile call. The service works as a prepaid phone card offering all the benefits an online service provides: transparency, online account with free features, 24/7 Customer Support and many more.

Just like the monthly plans, the Voice Credit service can be used by customers:

  • From any landline, mobile or even payphone in the world, through local or toll free access numbers.
  • Calls may also be placed through the app called KeepCalling, which is not chargeable. The iOS and Android applications may be used to call without having to dial any access number, and even any phone number at all. Once logged in the app, customers can use their phone contacts list to call.
  • From any PC with Internet connection, using the Web Call app available in customer’s account.


Besides the Voice Credit and Monthly Plans, customers may top up the mobile phones of family and friends from China through the Mobile Recharge service. The process takes less than a minute and the credit is sent instantly to the destination number. Also, customers may enjoy a feature newly added on, which can reduce with up to 50% the time they spend while recharging a mobile. All they need to do is to:

1. Log in to their account.
2. Go to the Mobile Recharge page. All the China Mobile, China Telecom or China Unicom prepaid numbers recharged in the last 90 days will be listed here.
3. Select the number they want to recharge. Both the country and the operator the number belongs to will be automatically filled in.
4. Choose the amount of the recharge and continue to the checkout page.

Safety is a highly important for This is why there are several security filters, protecting customers from possible frauds and making all transactions 100% safe. All major payment methods are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

The easy-to-use products and reliability of the service, as well as the 24/7 Customer Service make a reliable partner in keeping a close relationship with friends and family back home.

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