BuzzCommerce, Bringing Health and Beauty to Consumers Living In Thailand.


BuzzCommerce, Bringing Health and Beauty to Consumers Living In Thailand.

An e-commerce site for bringing international health and beauty products to consumers living in Thailand known as BuzzCommerce, has recently announced an undisclosed amount of financial funding from East Ventures. The startup main objective is to make it easier for clients to promote and sell popular cosmetics, dietary supplements, and fashion products.

“Our unique point is that we sell high-quality items which people have not discovered yet. We introduce and feature these unknown items by using consumers’ word-of-mouth on our curation platform,”said CEO of BuzzCommerce, Shinsuke Wakai.



Wakai had also previously founded Cosmenet, one of Thailand’s biggest cosmetics review site possessing more than 250,000 registered users. This particular company, which also offered consultation services regarding import-export, licensing and local FDA regulations, provided much deep knowledge on the domestic health and beauty market.

Having lived for a total in 13 years in Thailand, Wakai became motivated inf starting BuzzCommerce during the early months of 2014, after the country had gone though an huge Japanese cosmetics boom, mostly due to the relaxed travel rules laid out between Thais visiting Japan.

“Thai people can fly to Japan without a visa as of last July, and their interest in Japanese products and cultures are at a peak,” Wakai added. “As a Japanese startup, this is a very good trend and opportunity for our business here.”


For Now.

BuzzCommerce is still currently in its beta testing mode in Thailand and has be set for launching by the end of May. Though Wakai may be Japanese himself, his team is based solely within Bangkok.

“We think that BuzzCommerce has a solid team with a lot of experience in building Internet services in Thailand,” said East Ventures co-founder and managing partner Batara Eto. “We are pleased to have an opportunity to work together with them to bring this new curated commerce service to Thailand.”

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