Business Startup Courses for Migrant Workers In South Korea.


Business Startup Courses for Migrant Workers In South Korea.

The skills that migrant workers employed within Korea wish to learn have become some of the most prospective business items, in which they cause use to apply for their very own startup business of their own, once they go back home.

Startup Class.

According to a study done by the Korean Ferderation of Small and Medium Business during the previous year, stated that many foreigners working within Korea have wanted to learn about business items that could become successful within their own home country.

One of the questions that are always asked is, “where would you spend the money you have made during your time in Korea” most people have answered that they would spend their income to start their very own business in their home country.

The city government of Seoul has developed a training course by the name of ” Korea food business startup class’ for the Indonesian workers living in Korea. The class has been brought by the Seoul city government in collaboration with the Korean Food Foundation, in response to the needs of the community of Indonesian residents.

The first Korea food business startup class was started jointly by the Seoul Migrant Workers Center and Seongbuk Migrant Workers Center with Korea Food Foundation. The class will be held every once a week for a total of 14 weeks beginning from May 25th to July 13.


During the basic training course, the trainees shall learn the recipes of selected menus that shall include tteokbokki (stir-fired spicy rice cake) and dak gangjeong (sweet and sour chicken) which has been classified as “suitable” business items, along with other basic starting a new business.

During the intensive course that’s offered in the second half, the trainees who have completed the basic course will learn more advanced recipes and pratical business tips including business site selections, financial management, and so forth.

The city government plans to come up with even more training programs like these, so they may meet the various needs of foreign residential communities, in order to ensure a secure stay and successful return of the migrant workers.

A Seoul city government official said, “The migrant workers are eager to start their own business after their return.” The official added, “We believe the workers’ experience in Korea would stay positive if the money and skills they earn in Korea help their Korean dream come true back in their home country.”

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