Bluegic Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Bluetooth Smart Home Kit.


Bluegic Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Bluetooth Smart Home Kit.

Apple announced a new “Home” app and service that allows an iPhone or iPad to control smart appliances, lights and locks around the home at WWDC 2 Jun 2014. At the same time, Bluegic is working on a wide range of products for home automation which is not only supported by Apple and Android phones now, but will surely move towards Apple’s new “Home Kit” app standard when it is available.


The key advantage of Bluegic’s products is its simplicity and independent of router. Bluegic offers two series of products. One is a Consumer Series which are all plug and play products. It is the Bluetooth Plug and Bluetooth Bulb Adapter; The other product line is the Engineering Series which are all electrician products. It is the Bluetooth Wall (Light) Switch, Bluetooth Invisible Switch and Bluetooth Wall Plug.

Bluetooth Bulb Converter – There are many smart bulbs on the market but their color scheme may not always be agreeable with homeowners. By using Bluegic’s bulb converter, homeowners can connect any existing bulb they like and still enjoy all of the smart features.

Bluetooth Plug – These products are very easy to use and don’t depends on a router, bypassing security and range hassles. The device can be taken anywhere and simply plug it in to get it working.

Bluetooth Wall (Light) Switch – It’s designed to replace the traditional light switches and wall plugs in any home. The switch is effortlessly easy to install, simply replacing normal wall switches with the sleek and stylish electronic device.

Bluetooth Invisible Controller – It’s believed in foreseeable future, there won’t be any more “buttons” (switches) at your home. By using Bluegic’s Bluetooth Invisible Controller, you can not only remove the buttons at your home, but also save the wiring cost when you are reconstructing your home.


These devices feature an array of useful and exciting functions that make everyday living easier and more enjoyable than ever. All these products contain Timer, Smart Automation, Away Detection and Password Protection.

The product is available in black or white with one, two, three or four buttons and voltage options of 110V (Suitable for 90V-130V) or 220V (Suitable for 190V-250V).

The project offers a range of different rewards and perks for each crowdfunding pledge. $1 or above guarantees donators exclusive updates and joins the referral program on the product while $195 secures a set of Bluetooth Smart Home Kit with free worldwide shipping. For business minded backers who see the product as a savvy investment, 10 distributor contributions of $8000 are also available.

The Bluetooth Wall Switch is scheduled for release in September 2014. Pre-orders can be placed via the Bluegic website but discount offer can be placed in Indiegogo page.

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