Blast Motion Launches Its Blast BaseBall Product Along With A New Website.


Blast Motion Launches Its Blast BaseBall Product Along With A New Website.

Blast Motion has recently announced the launching of its very first product, the Blast Baseball, which was developed in a tightly knit collaboration with STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader that serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, utilizing ST’s highly advanced MEMS process technology. Blast Baseball educates the athletes on the mechanics of their swing, empowering them to make more meaningful adjustments, and offering a new way to share these achievements.



Blast’s Precision Motion Sensor weighs less than an ounce and is dustproof, with an attachment mechanism that gets placed at the end of any kind of bat. Bluetoothe smart technology transmits an accurate swing analysis to the users iPhone or iPod while they are utilizing the device. Blast Baseball’s accuracy can be compared to to some of the most sophisticated tracking system in the world. Blast Baseball even understands the difference between practice swings and the real deal, and can even store swing information when the sensor is out of range from the mobile device.

“Essentially invisible, Blast Baseball lets players focus on the game without changing their natural swing and provides access to important metrics when they want them,” said Roger Weingarth, President and COO of Blast. “It is important to us that Blast Baseball not only track key metrics, but give users new ways to interact with the data. They can track and learn about their swings, compare metrics and easily share that information with coaches and friends. Our continued collaboration with ST will keep Blast’s products extremely useful and technically innovative.”

“ST’s IoT and Wearable strategy aligns perfectly with Blast’s vision in sports equipment and our large portfolio of motion sensors, delivering the optimal combination of sensors to generate the best results for the Blast Baseball product,” said Luca Difalco, VP of Marketing at STMicroelectronics’ Americas Region. “Combining pioneering use of ST’s precision motion-detection technology with user-friendly and well-conceived app will change the way people can experience the world.”

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