BlackBerry’s Exclusive Z3 Releases in Indonesia This Week With A Price Of $191.


BlackBerry’s Exclusive Z3 Releases in Indonesia This Week With A Price Of $191.

During the Mobile World Congress in February of this year, hard-pressed smartphone firm BlackBerry had announced that it would be launching the Z3. Given the codename ‘Jakarta.’ this year. Its been recently revealed that Z3 will be going on sale during this coming Thursday, May 15th, with a price tag of IDR 2,199,000 ($191).


The Z3 was developed “exclusively” for Indonesia, with an emphases on communication, made in mind with BlackBerry’s new focus on messaging especially with its standalone BlackBerry Messenger application for Android and iOS as well. With its five-inch display, BlackBerry has claimed that the Z3 offers the “best Bhasa typing experience on a touchscreen.”

BlackBerry is also promoting exclusive content for Indonesian Z3 users, which includes a set of BBM stickers features local characters which will be available for free for users for a limited period of time. Z3 users will also be able to join local BBM channels to receive updates from various brands and opinion leaders.


BlacBerry has always been a particularly favored smartphone brand in Indonesia, to the point that Android, which has continue to increase quickly all over Asia during the past several years, only overtook it as the most used platform in the country during September 2012.

Although, BlackBerry has been going on a steady decline in Indonesia as of late, with signs of its hold coming to a close evident since 2012. Reuters recently researched BlackBerry’s decline within Indonesia, and concluded that among other statistics, the company failed to price its devices at a coast that has made them widely accessible to fans of the company within the country.

Due to these reasons, much cheaper Android devices, combined with cross-platform messaging application such as WhatsApp and Line, are beginning to fill in the void that BlackBerry smartphones and its BBM messenger had previously occupied, which would also answer the reasons behind BlackBerry rolling out a messaging-focused smartphone that targeted towards Indonesian users.

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