Bharti Softbank’s Chat App ‘Hike’ Gains 20 Million Users.


Bharti Softbank’s Chat App ‘Hike’ Gains 20 Million Users.

India-based Bharti Softbank’s free instant messaging application known as ‘Hike” has manage to reach a milstone of over 20 million users, with 5 million included during the past three months. Bharti SoftBank (BSB) is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprise and Japan-based mobile communication and broadband service firm Softbank.


This application, which was initially launched internationally during December 2012, has 90% of its user from India and over 80% of these user are from under the age of 25.

“India has almost a 100 million active mobile Internet users and that number is growing rapidly every year. That’s the market, which we’re building for. The rate at which hike messenger has grown in the last 18 months is phenomenal and is a strong testament of the right direction in which the product is steering,” Hike messenger Head (Product and Strategy) Kavin Bharti Mittal said in a statement.

Hike is currently available worldwide for the platform of iOS, Android and Blackberry.

The application allows its users to send free instant messages to friends or people on their contact list who are also using ‘Hike’ anywhere across the world and share location, media such as photos and videos instantly.


The company stated that it has manage to include some new features into Hike, in which it allows users to share all file formats, from Docs, PPTs, PDFs, to MP3s of up to a 100 MB each, surpassing the attachment of all the IM applications.

The company also announce the availability of a feature ‘Hidden Mode’ to help out its user keep their private chat hidden from others.

“In a country like India, where teenagers stay with their parents and families, and where their need for privacy is constantly challenged, we believe this feature could be a boon for all our users,” Mittal added.

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