Becoming a Voice Actor For an Upcoming Mobile App Game.


Becoming a Voice Actor For an Upcoming Mobile App Game.

Race is one of the many mobile games developed to come up with an even more effective and creative marketing campaigns, targeted at winning over the prospective users even before games are officially released.


Swedish game developer Supercell,for instance, has reported designated 10 billion won (US$10 million) of marketing budget to promote its flagship product, “Clash of Clans,” a famous mobile combat strategy game, targeted at Korea market alone.

4:33. developers behind the action RPG “Blade,” have appointed famous baseball play-by-play Broadcaster Kong Seo-young to maximze the promotional effects. The game creator is staging an all-out marketing march with Kong being the brand ambassador utilizing various advertising platforms which include TV, bus and subway commercials.

Although, in an age of social media, effective marketing techniques should mix up with traditional methods with modern strategies to engage consumers, and with this regard, a marketing tactic revealed by a startup company that’s gaining the attention of mobile game lovers.

Mobile App.

A startup by the name of Nice Experience, during its joint marketing with  content marketing platform MeAl, has held a mobile voice content for its ne character shooting game “Spirit Hunter.” The company stated that it wants to find out suitable candidates to dub the voice of six in-game characters.

The chosen participants could convey their voice utilizing the mobile application arranged for the even and the contest has already listened to 1,503 user voices and seen over more than 1,000 hits of SNS sharing. For each of the six characters, the average competition rate recorded over 208 to 1, scoring favorable results in light of publicizing the game even though the game has yet to be officially launched.

  1. You In-hyeong, president of Nice Experience, said, “Through the event searching for the voices of the characters of the game, we could not only find the suitable voices for the characters but, could get viral effects even before the official roll-out of the game. Moreover, the sense of camaraderie generated from the direct participation of the users cannot be expected in any other marketing strategies.”

The game shall be officially released sometim during August after the dubbing process of the contest winners.

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