Beatrobo Offers PlugAir to TM Network To better Interact With Their Fans.


Beatrobo Offers PlugAir to TM Network To better Interact With Their Fans.

Japan-based Startup Beatrobo had previously introduced its device dubbed PlugAir during the previous October of 2013. When installed onto a smartphone, it recognizes a unique identification code embedded into the small device. Making it so companies can deliver content to their targeted consumer segments utilizing it. Since the company has continue to provide a music service they are trying to sell their devices to the music industry in order to help them better engage fans for their artist group.

So Far.

Beatrobo teamed up the American mixture band known as Linkin park during the late last year, and started offering the device to Japanese music artist Mihiro to sell it to his fans during his live concert venues. Beatrobo has also manage to receive financial funding of $1.1 million from Japanese music retailer chain Lawson HMV Entertainment during April in order to reinforce the PlugAir business.

The company is currently offering PlugAir devices to ticket holders for live tour concerts of a popular Japanese pop music band known as TM Network. If a person were to purchase a ticket, they will be delivered to the buyer along with a PlugAir device, so they can enjoy the special content using mobile prior to the event. They announced that this si the world’s very first that a device is being used as a rewards for concert ticket holders.


Either way, whether the purchaser wishing to buy a ticket with or without the devices, tickers shall still be sold at the same price for 9,000 yen (US$90), which makes possible because of its highly functional but low-cost productivity. This makes it so live event organizer or music labels can have a higher chance of better engaging their music fans who are using it without facing any sort of problems.

Beatrobo has continue to collaborate with Los Angeles-based creative think tank MachineShop which has helped the former company partner up with Linkin Park. SO it’s quite interesting to see who they will move forward within the music industry in the US from their starting point within Beverly Hills or Hollywood, as well as boosting their business of their home based of Japan.

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