Bank Alert Apps Topping Charts Among Banking Service Users.


Bank Alert Apps Topping Charts Among Banking Service Users.

Alert application for banks have recently become extremely popular among smartphone users. The application allow users to receive text messages alerts whenever they have made a banking transaction. Additionally, the application can also prevent any sort of banking fraud such as smishing.


For instance, the subscriber number for “One Touch Alet, provided by Woori Bank has recently reached a milestone of 2 million. Launched during previous October, the number of its member has rapidly increase upto 1 million during February of this year.

The application sends out alerts on banking transaction information, with phishing alert service, for no charge. The same service also provided by banks at 9000 won a month. It also permits the user to check account balance, due dates for loans, and expiration dates for automatic balance transfers.  Any users with a Woori Bank account is eligible for application of the service through the Internet or in person.

A similar serviced named “IBK One Alert” offered by Industrial Banks of Korea is quite popular among users, with the subscriber number reaching over the 1 million mark during the previous month. Shinhan Bank’s “Shinhan Smail” also provides a variety of useful features which include depositing and withdrawal information, advance notices on expiration dates and automatic balance transfer dates.

A banking industry official commented, “Even though the alert apps of the banks were designed to improve convenience of banking users, they are proven effective tools to prevent smishing and other bank fraud cases. That’s why the number of users is rising astronomically.”

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