Baidu Very Own Self-Driving Cars Announces for Development.


Baidu Very Own Self-Driving Cars Announces for Development.

Google has taken the world of its shakers with its self-driving cars during May, and as of recently, Baidu, commonly known as China’s Google, has also unveiled that they are currently developing their own similar project. Baidu’s deputy direct or of its Institute of Deep Learning, Kai Yu, stated during an interview that the company doesnt’s view it as a driverless car, as he still envision a driver being in control.


“This is actually an intelligent assistant collecting data from road situations and then operating locally… We don’t call this a driverless car. I think a car should be helping people, not replacing people, so we call this a highly autonomous car,” Yu told us.

Although, the car can actually operation without the necessary need for the driver controlling it under certain situations.

Philosophically we have a fundamental difference to look at this type of things. I think in the future, a car should not totally replace the driver but should really give the driver freedom. Freedom means the car is intelligent enough to operate by itself, like a horse, and make decisions under different road situations.

Whenever the driver wants to resume control, you can do that. It’s like riding on a horse, rather than just sitting in a car where you only have a button.

Yu was reffering to Google’s very own self-driving cars, which do not have the neccessary need for a human to intervene at all, meaning there isn’t a steering wheel, accelerator pedal or brake pedal. Instead, everything is replaced by software and sensors for those things.

Smart Car.

Baidu’s very own smart car design, on the other hand, will still contain a steering wheel. People will have to wait until next year to gain an insight on how this idea will look like, as Yu stated that the very first prototype shall undergo production sometime during 2015.

Baidu has some pretty hefty goals for its partial self-drive cars though. Yu stated that the very first of it all, the company is mainly focused on improving human safety, given that pedestrians in China have the tendency to behave even more recklessly when it comes to walking on the roads, and massive traffics jam plague the larger cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

As a Chinese search engine company, Baidu is positioned in a place to developed a vastly different self-drive car from what Google has planned for the Western world. Other than the most obvious fact that Google doesn’t operate under china after leaving the country during 2010 among the censorship concerns. Baidu has also collected a massive amount of data from its location-based system in the country, this large amounts of data will be required to ‘train’ machines to learn and respond according to triggers.

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